Children grow and develop rapidly in their five years across the four main areas of development.

These areas are Language & Literacy Development, Motor Skill Development, Cognitive Development and Social - Emotional Development.

Language & Literacy Development (Campus language : English)

Language & Literacy refers to the reading and writing skills that allow children to communicate with the word around them. They also communicate and enjoy with stories and poem. Language is one of the most important areas of child development. Language focuses on the oral aspects of communication like listening and speaking.

Our campus language is English so that we can prepare children for better English communication.

Cognitive development

Brain development is a part of Cognitive Development. Cognitive skill development in children’s involved the progressive building of learning skills, such as attention, memory and thinking. The main focus of Cognitive Development is how children think, explore and figure out things. It also needs to provide some gentle guidance and encouragement for the development. It is the development of knowledge, skills problem solving and disposition, which helps children to think about and understand them.

Motor-Skill development

Motor-Skill Development refers to the development of a child’s bones, muscles & ability to move around and manipulate his or her environment.

Motor Development can be divided into two sections:-

  1. Gross Motor Development
  2. Fine Motor Development

Gross Motor Development involves the development of the large muscles in child’s body. These muscles allow us to sit, stand, walk and run.

Fine Motor Development involves the small muscles of the body especially in the hand, fingers, feet and toes.

Social & emotional development

Social & Emotional Development is a child’s ability to understand the feelings of others, control his or her own feelings and behavior. They get along with other children and build good relationship.

Social-emotional development includes the child’s experience, expression, management of emotions and the ability to establish positive and rewarding relationship with others.

Mother teacher’s support positive Social & Emotional Development.

  1. Express interest in daily activities.
  2. Help in learning good manners & discipline.
  3. Help in providing encouragement and support.
  4. Help in modeling positive behavior.
  5. Be affectionate and caring.
  6. We consider child's feeling, wants and needs.
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